Decision of the Executive Committee of the ICB of 14 February 2022


During the meeting of the ExCo organized online, with the following

participants: Dragos Chilea (President), Abouba Ali Maiga (Vicepresident), Jaume

Antich (Secretary General), Antonia Rocha (Treasurer), Kent Gallant, Nguyen Dang

Trung were decided the following through unanimous vote:


• Considering the safety measures imposed by the pandemic period that have to

be maintained and that prevent convoking the General Assembly and the

elections while making it significantly difficult for the majority of voting

members to travel to Barcelona, we have decided that it is necessary to extend

the mandate of this Executive Committee by one more year.

• Therefore, the General Assembly and elections will be organised in Barcelona

on the dates 9-10 March 2023.

• An anniversary reunion will be organised in Barcelona on the 15 June 2022 in

order to celebrate 20 years of existence of the ICB.

• On this occasion we also will attempt to organise a Congress if the necessary

favourable conditions are met.

• For the same event, the ICB anniversary, we will organize an international

conference, with both physical attendance and online presence, during 9-10

June 2022 in Constanta, Romania, with the theme: “ICB XX - The Role of

Attorneys in Assisting Victims of International Crimes”.


The decision will be communicated to the ICB members by our secretarial



President of the ICB,


Prof. Dr. Dragos Chilea