On a day like today, 14 years ago, a group of trailblazer, a group of adventurers mavericks, a group of lawyers in love of their profession and with all that it entails, achieved after dedicating a vast amount of time without knowing whether their project would succeed, they saw finally as the seed they had planted almost a year before became a small association of lawyers, today, after much work has become the great partnership that is, the first Criminal Bar Association in direct relation to the International Criminal Court, which defends the interests of all lawyers before the Court itself, but at the same time is totally independent of it, has become a Criminal Bar Association of lawyers with members on five continents, with the collaboration of many of the best criminal lawyers in the world, which in turn have shown extreme commitment with the defense of human rights.



On this day, for all of us, for everyone who has worked to make the BPI-ICB, it is a day of celebration. We want to thank all those who have helped to make this great project and we encourage you to continue working for an even larger Bar Association, working for this greater cause all of us.