En si important jour pour la justice pénale internationale, notre co-président, nous envoie une lettre de sensibilisation à l'importance de la #17July.

Events in the news daily remind us that we must remain vigilant in order to maintain a peaceful society in which to live and thrive.  Events reported on daily also remind us that there are many in the world who have never known justice and security while others of us may take these things for granted.  July 17th is International Criminal Justice Day, a day for mankind from all corners of the earth, all walks of life, irrespective of colour or religion, to stand together for one goal that unites us all: criminal justice for the people of the world.

The desire for international criminal justice is something that peaceful society must strive for whatever obstacles may stand in the way of its achievement.  The world simply must succeed in its mission to bring to task those who would seek to stand in the way of justice for the people of the world.

The International Criminal Bar has been working in support of the rule of law within the workings of the International Criminal Court since shortly before the Court's inception. The ICB wants the ICC to succeed in spite of the many obstacles it faces.  The ICB continues to support the ICC as it works to ultimately ensure peace, security and justice for the world.  Join with us in taking a moment to consider and discuss the issue of international criminal justice on July 17th.