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International Criminal Justice Day


Dear all

Today, 17 th of July of 2017 we celebrate the “International Criminal Justice Day”.

Today more than ever we must demand to every country in the world their support to International Criminal Justice and the principles and values in which it is based on.

The impunity of the most serious crimes against humanity has to vanish.

Victims have to find the support of the international community.

And everywhere in the world, governments must respect Human Rights.

It is mandatory and necessary that all countries take part in the International Criminal Court.

Every country should cooperate with the International Criminal Court and the rest of the International Criminal Tribunals.

The International Criminal Bar will always support International Criminal Justice supporting lawyers that work every day before the International Criminal Justice.

The ICB will work to reinforce International Criminal Justice at any time, which is the same as fighting to get the respect to Human Rights everywhere, and with that to achieve a better world.

Following this path everybody will find the ICB.

Blas J. Imbroda Ortiz. President of the ICB

Erika Torregrossa

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