Justice has no Borders

International Criminal Bar

The Council intends to include the maximum of cultures, races and religions. This enables a total of 42 members divided according to their continent of origin. The residence time in the Council is of 4 years.
The council meets twice a year and is responsible for choosing the Executive Committee.
The Council has the responsibility of making the decisions taken at the General Assembly and to direct the activities of the Executive Committee.
The power of attorney according with the Statutes of the ICB, rests in the Council.

Ex-Presidents (6)

  • Elise GROUXL (Canada)
  • Paul Albert IWEINS (France)
  • Jeroen BROWER (Holland)
  • Eberhard KEMPF (Germany)
  • Pascal VANDERVEEREN (France)
  • Luis del CASTILLO (Spain)

Representative from Bar Associations


  • Amanda PINTO QC (Bar Council of England and Walles) United Kingdom
  • Robbert de BREE (Nederlanse Ordre Van Advocaten) Belgium
  • Luis del Castillo (Bar Association of Barcelona) Spain
  • Jean Pierre JACQUES (Bar of Liège) Belgium
  • Jean Marc FEDIDA (Bar of Paris) France


  • Mohamed BEN EL MAHI (Bar of Meknes) Meknes
  • Four vacant seats


  • Giles SURMAN (Hong Kong Bar Association) China
  • Raymond CHEDID (Lebanese Bar Association) Lebanon
  • Mitsuru NAMBA (Japanese Federation of Bar Associations) Japon
  • Two Vacants seats


  • Roxanne HELME QC* (Canadian Bar Association) Canada
  • Álvaro BURGOS* (Costa Rican Bar Association) Costa Rica
  • Three vacant seats


  • One vacant seats

Indivudals Members (14)

  • Philippe CURRAT* (Switzerland)
  • Kenneth S. GALLANT* (USA)
  • Elisabeth RABESANDRATANAR (France)
  • Nithynantham SIVANANTHAN (Malaysia)
  • Stella Idenyemih OMIYI* (Niger)
  • Fernando FRAGOSO (Brazil)
  • Elisabetta GALEAZZI (Italy)
  • Joaquín PELEGRÍN* (Spain)
  • Yasushi HIGASHIZAWA (Japan)
  • Cheick DIOP (Ivory Coast)
  • Rosette BAR HAIM (Israel)
  • Dragos CHILEA (Romania)
  • Abouba Aly MAÏGA (Mali)
  • Hossam ELDEEB (Egypt)

Representantives from Associations from Lawyers (7)

  • Julie GOFFIN (International Association of Lawyers)
  • Eberhard KEMPF (Association German to Lawyers)
  • William TRUDELL (Council Consultative of Local Law)
  • Karine METAYER (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe)
  • Christian CHARRIERE-BOURZANEL (Council Nacional to Bar)
  • Beniamino MIGLUICCI (Union de la Camara Penal Italian)
  • One vacants seats

Representatives from Members from Associations (7)

  • Hafida TALHAOUI (Lawyers Without Borders)
  • Six Vacants seats

*CoEx Members