Justice has no Borders

International Criminal Bar

The ICB was founded on June 15th 2002 at the Conference of Montreal. It held its first General Assembly in Berlin on March 21st and March 22nd 2003, which brought together over 400 people from over 50 countries.

The members of the Council of the ICB ensure excellent geographical representation with the presence of elected members from the five continents and different legal systems.

The ICB reunites national and regional Bar of Lawyers and major international lawyers associations that are extremely committed to the promotion of international criminal justice and with individual lawyers. The ICB also enriches the knowledge and experience of non-governmental organizations and has been fighting for many years for the creation of the ICC.

Our strong representation in the different legal systems increases year after year with each new accession, to the point that now, and after a painstaking work by members and associations to be the International Bar of lawyers with more territorial scope. We have worked together from the outset to sensitize the various governments on the need to implement an effective system of international criminal justice with the support of the international legal community, without ever forgetting the importance of defending the interests of the victims and the defense lawyers.

After more than 15 years working for a fair justice, we are in the privileged position of being the first association that has been able to discuss the creation of ReVision Project with the International Criminal Court, which aims to be one of our main concerns. The existence of an independent Bar Association of the ICC, but directly related with it is very important.