Dear International Criminal Bar members,


Dear colleagues and friends, we are quickly approaching the end of

this year and it is the time for a review of our activity.

We went through an extremely difficult period of time, a year that

was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and that will surely remain in

history due to its dramatic consequences.


Nevertheless, and only thanks to your support, we managed to

continue our activity in the International Criminal Bar, and to fulfill most

of the goals we had aimed to achieve this year.

Thus, we organized Seminars and Conferences for International

Criminal Bar members, and benefitted from the participation of not only

members but also a series of guests, specialists in criminal law. A few

noteworthy examples: Particularities of International Criminal Trial -

Constanta, January 2020, “Criminal responsibility, transnational judicial

actions and pandemic of COVID-19” - International Online Seminary,

September 2020, “The ICB as Defender of Human Rights” - International

Online Conference, December 2020.

These reunions were held online.

International Criminal Bar members also took part in professional,


scientific reunions, some of which the International Criminal Bar co-

chaired, such as: “International Conference in Law, Public Administration


and Medicine -9th edition” - ICLPA 9M, “Black Sea Maritime Cyber

Security Conference” - June 2020, "Universities Network for promoting the

rights and the protection of children involved in armed conflict”.

Throughout this entire year we also managed to reorganize the

International Criminal Bar secretariat, move to a new office, and make it

functional through the contribution of our two secretaries, Inma Sañé and

Mila Cabet, to whom I would like to thank here for their efforts and


The International Criminal Bar brought back a part of its old

members and also gained new members, mostly on the African continent

due to the efforts of the first Vice-President International Criminal Bar,

Abouba Ali Maiga, to whom I thank for always supporting me.

Have contributed to the results achieved in this difficult context, the

members of the Executive Committee, who cover geographically a large


part of the world - North America represented by Prof. Ken Gallant, Asia

represented by Nguyen Dang Trung, Europe represented by Prof. Pierre

Kopp, to whom I also thank for their efforts and activity.


As a special contribution made through their participation to all our

events I would like to mention Claudio Lamela of Argentina, Prof. Laura

Guercio and Prof. Vicenzo Carbone of Italy, as well as my Romanian

colleagues, Prof. Madalina Botina, Dr. Ramona Mihaela Coman and Elena

Alina Lungu. I was equally happy for the presence of our colleagues

Meurice Lisanne of Canada and David Querol of Barcelona and I thank

them for it.

Nothing would have been possible without the exceptional

contribution of Prof. Dr. Jaume Antich Soler, General Secretary of the

International Criminal Bar, and Antonia Rocha Gonzalez, Treasurer of the

International Criminal Bar, who also have my gratitude.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who remained

loyal to the principles and ideas of the International Criminal Bar, and have

continued their participation in our events.


I have the hope that in the New Year 2021, the International Criminal

Bar will become stronger and more present in the field of international

criminal law, on the one hand due to the evolution in memberships and on

the other hand through the specialisations of new members and the

diversifying of our activities which will extend to the areas that need the

contribution of our members.

If the situation will allow us and in the hope that the pandemic will

be defeated, we will organize a new International Criminal Bar Congress,

continue the project begun with the Romanian Institute of Legal Research

of the Romanian Academy, we will organize training activities for lawyers


who wish to specialize in victim defense, especially children or female

victims, activity organized with the cooperation of magistrates from the

European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg and the International

Criminal Court of The Hague.


We will extend our masters programme from the University of

Tarragona to the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires, UMFST in

Targu Mures, Romania, and the University of Bamako, Mali.


These are only a few of the projects that were discussed in the

reunions of the Executive Committee that myself and all my colleagues as

well as International Criminal Bar members wish to develop during the

upcoming year.


I wish you all good health and joy, as well as the traditional season’s

greetings and wishes.


Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!


International Criminal Bar President,

Prof. Dr. Dragos Chilea

Coalition for the International Criminal Court


The ICB wishes to inform you of the Official Announcement of the Master on International Criminal Justice created with the Rovira i Virgili University

4Th International Meeting Of Defence Offices

25 & 26 November 2016 London, United Kingdom



Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Dear Madam, Sir,

The Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon thank you again for your participation in the Fourth International Meetings of Defence Offices which were held in London, on 25th and 26th of November 2016.

Please find attached the Summary report of the Meetings in French, English and Arabic. 

You will also find attached the questionnaire on Defence Investigations, which we thank you for completing in the language of your choice, and sending back to us, if you have not already done so. As Johann said during the Meetings,your answers will be very useful in that they will illustrate the Guide to Investigations with concrete examples from you experience.

Thank you again for your participation and we hope to see you again in Nuremberg for the Fifth Meetings in 2017.

Kind regards,