Each subject will be taught in 12 weeks: the first one of presentation, 10 of teaching activity, and the last one of final evaluation. The courses will be arranged in 10 subjects. Each subject will be worked for a week.

Continuous evaluation: Each subject will have 5 evaluative tests (every two weeks), all of them with the same weight in the final grade (if there is no final test, each of the 5 evaluative tests would have a weight of 20% of the final grade).

Each subject will have a final evaluation test that cannot have a weight higher than 50% of the final grade.


Two weeks of 'stage' (work practices) in Tarragona to give a final and joint reading of all the subjects and work on an intensive case study. This includes a visit to the International Court of Justice and other international institutions in The Hague.

The registration includes the contents but not the travel or accommodation expenses.

Exceptionally, and for the consideration of the Academic Committee, this period will be validated by accredited comparable activities.


At the beginning of the second semester (September 2018) all students must present a proposal of topic and a research scheme to their tutors according with the instructions provided.

Each student will be assigned a tutor for the direction of their research work.

This work will be about an unprecedented or very little worked subject, it will have an extension of more than 60 pages and it will be adapted to the structure and citation norms of the university research works.